versace. h & m

so.... i leave for london in less than a month and it seems totally perfect that the new line for h & m - designed by versace hits stores a day after my arrival!

i cannot wait to get my hands on these bold magnificent MUST HAVE items!! will i have to fight off the crowds though...? bring it on!


Dallas & Carlos

A new label i recently stumbled across had me running for a pen to add these babies to my birthday wish list! With gold hard wear and cow hide, these I must have!!



how perfect are both of these outfits! the dress on the left reminds me of a dress i had when i was a little girl.. I WANT!



i had a very creative weekend making these bright bands to decorate my friends and my wrists.

rose gold and newspaper.

so as a follow on from my extra extra. article, i saw my quiet weekend as the perfect opportunity to give this trend a try. a little trickier than i expected but still looked great! this is definately something you need take your time with.

sorry about the dodgey iphone photo



only a true rockstar could pull off a name like julian casablancas and only this true rockstar can make my heart melt.

as the face of azzaro's new perfume "decibel", julian looks in his element on stage promoting the cologne shaped like a microphone. this just reiterates to me why i'm absolutely heads over heels for this new yorkian.