leighton meester.

she hits it.

 then completely misses.



just a little bit o somethin' somethin'


this amazing 17yr old photographer is a genius. these photos capture beauty!

sorry to go over board with the pictures but i loved them all!

source: google images

only girl in the world.

rihanna is doing everything right in her new clip... right down to the sex appeal REOWWWWWW

source: youtube


stolen girlfriends club.

im utterly in love with the new campaign for stolen girlfriends club. these shots depict everything love is truely about.

these are just stills of the actually clip... but ever so beautiful!

source: Desordre

movin to new york.

Take A Walk : NYFW SS 2011 from TrendLand on Vimeo.

source: Trendland via the Trashed Fashion