first love...

sparkle inspiration

i'm not one to ever copy a look... i love individuality but hell, how could i resist these babies... 

next stop... spotlight!

true love.

nicole richie's wedding dress is something i have been dreaming about ever since she first started dating the good charlotte front man 4 years ago. it was everything i could wish for... classical, simple yet absolutely amazing.

source: styleite


me on new years.

so unlikely... but it's a nice thought!

Georgia, oh Georgia

there is nothing more irritating than the Rimmel advert featuring Georgia Jagger but the more she pops up the less i'm hatin' on her.

she's been recently crowned face of Chanel (for this week anyway) and i think she looks amazing. it may have something to do with the fact that she can't speak (with her awful accent) through the pages of a magazine but she definately sells sex with the new campaign... who else is crushing?

source: anniieemal blog

dear santa, wont you let me sit upon your knee.

Hermes translucent bag (not happening... but it's a nice thought!)

Kikki K diary

Ray bans (yes everyone has them, but they go with everything!!)
Sportsgirl wooden heel

Glasshouse Candle- Coconut Lime

Shakuhatchi bondage skirt

Zimmermann kinis

source: individual websites

charlotte kemp muhl

hello starshine!

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i'm not normally one for a real mimimal look but i just cannot go past this look. it's clean, simple yet just perfect.

the best part about it is... anyone could pull this together and look fresh!

source: frockshop blog

lady love.

anna dello russo isnt a name you hear frequently in Australia but to those fashion addicts it's a name that we preach to the gods!

not only does this woman have a job we only dream about in the land of nod but she happens to have one of the most exquisite wardrobes that make us ever so jealous!

just a few that i would be happy to take off her hands....

actually.... just give me everything!

source: google images