versace. h & m

so.... i leave for london in less than a month and it seems totally perfect that the new line for h & m - designed by versace hits stores a day after my arrival!

i cannot wait to get my hands on these bold magnificent MUST HAVE items!! will i have to fight off the crowds though...? bring it on!


Dallas & Carlos

A new label i recently stumbled across had me running for a pen to add these babies to my birthday wish list! With gold hard wear and cow hide, these I must have!!



how perfect are both of these outfits! the dress on the left reminds me of a dress i had when i was a little girl.. I WANT!



i had a very creative weekend making these bright bands to decorate my friends and my wrists.

rose gold and newspaper.

so as a follow on from my extra extra. article, i saw my quiet weekend as the perfect opportunity to give this trend a try. a little trickier than i expected but still looked great! this is definately something you need take your time with.

sorry about the dodgey iphone photo



only a true rockstar could pull off a name like julian casablancas and only this true rockstar can make my heart melt.

as the face of azzaro's new perfume "decibel", julian looks in his element on stage promoting the cologne shaped like a microphone. this just reiterates to me why i'm absolutely heads over heels for this new yorkian.


european dreamin'.

so happy to say, i'm off to europe in november (5 days after my birthday) and i literally cannot wait! as i write lists for practically everything, i've alread started planning my outfits, right down to what jewellery to wear with each outfit and yes i am well aware it's still 3 months away...

now planning for a place i've never been to nor have i experienced a true winter season, it's hard to know what i can and can't get away with hence why i have turned to my trusty street style blogs for tips and advice on how to keep warm yet stylish! no joggers and jeans here thank you very much! below are some of my picks.



extra extra.

i painted my nails last night and you know when you actually take the time to do them and you cant stop looking at them... well thats me right now! but, after seeing this... i'm so tempted to take it off and spend my friday night perfecting the newspaper nails. want to know how it's done? seeeee below

1. tidy up your nails, push your cuticles back and file to the desired shape.

2. apply 2 coats of a neutral nail colour, or i prefer a light grey such as O.P.I alpine snow- matte, wait until completely dry.

3. next, dip your nails into some alcohol, this acts as a glue for the news print. vodka is more preferable.

4. now the fun part! lay some newspaper across your nail, completely covering it. gently pressed down and rub but be sure not to move the paper.

5. slowly peel the newspaper off each nail to reveal your print.

6. lastly, apply a clear top coat nail polish to keep it sealed.

enjoy :)


candy elsewhere.

i'm not really known to wear much jewellery at all, maybe a big rings now and again but seeing these pictures makes me want to drip my arm in semi-precious and cotton braids.


how to pastel lips.

how beautiful and simple is this look on the ever fabulous sam harris!

heres how to perfect this look:

1. after applying a water-based primer, even out your complexion with longwear liquid foundation (i prefer a dewy foundation) that is an exact match to your skin tone. don't try to fake darker/paler complexions, you want the product to blend perfectly into your skin. use a foundation brush for an even application, blending after with your finger tips if necessary. be sure to carefully blend onto your neck, a line under your chin is not a good look. lightly dust your face with powder for a velvety finish.

2. with an angle blush brush, sweep your blush/ bronzer under your cheek bones. to find the perfect place, suck your cheeks in and follow your cheekbones down towards your mouth.  then from the top of your cheek bones create circular motions with your brush up onto your temples. then sweep under your jaw line, this accentuates the low lights on your face.

3. try leaving your eyes fairly bare but if you prefer a little colour, sweep your eye shadow brush lightly over your lids with a natural brown shadow. apply two coats of mascara, only on the top lashes.

4. comb through your brows and fill them in using a brown pencil one shade darker than your natural color. thickness is the key so dont be shy!

5. to finish your look apply a bright pastel pink lip color, i recommend saint germain by MAC


pink passion.

i've never really considered myself a pink girl, but thought i would dedicate a post to this pretty colour anyway! happy friday!


long vs. short.

the formidable question always lurking in the back of a girls mind is should i or shouldn’t i. be it in any circumstance, should i date this boy, shouldn’t i have a cigarette, should i take this job, shouldn’t i stop eating chocolate.
these very words have been scrolling across my mind now for a few weeks and i still don’t know which side of the fence to sit... what is the age old question burning in my brain you ask? well, should i cut my hair or shouldn’t i...? I've had long hair for years now and it's always been my dying wish to have hair down to the floor but seeing the blonde crop on lara bingle (yes i said it) of late has made me question my life long aspiration!

so…. you tell me? Long and dark or short and blonde?



beautiful bedrooms create a sense of calmness... i want my room to look like this!



by now (if you have read my blog) you should know how much i love bright pops of colour. Well, to keep within that theme, i stumbled accross this blog today.... and these photos just jumped out at me. the contrast of bright colours, swoooooon... they make me happy just looking at them!

this little lady seems to have done some styling for bonds and she's hit the nail right on the head! to think these chic photographs are for an australian underwear/ sleepwear brand, snaps for her!!!

source: zanita