splendid splendour.

all of those that attended splendour, hope you had an amazing time... welcome back to reality :(


good thing.

oh grace! the hair, the shirt, the car.... this is what you call the perfect colour balance.

it makes me happy!

boys and their dress ups.

i've always loved a guy who can dress well, and it's always been my top priority on my 'perfect boyfriend' checklist but recently i seem to be finding myself sifting through mens fashion week street style more so than women!

 it seems the european men put a lot of effort into the way they dress more so than most women all over the globe, and i ja'dore!! those little details that the un-savvy may not notice, take front row for me and make me a little swoon worthy.

source: streetfsn

alexandra blak.

how fab are these pieces from alexandra blak. if you can get passed the fact of spending $200 on plastic then i say... worth it!

source: alexandra blak


literally obsessed with this song...


favorite color: lilac
favorite fruit: blueberries
something that makes me happy: my beautiful dogs, moet and ike
shoe size: i think my feet keep changing size, but around an 8...?
do you smoke? quit
do you drink? yes
age you get mistaken for: 19
have tattoos? no
want any tattoos? yes & no.. i just want to make sure its something i will love forever
got any piercings? yes
want any piercings? maybe one more...
relationship status: taken
biggest turn on: kind smiles
biggest turn off: fake
someone you miss: my best friends, both in london
a fact about your personality: so indecisive
what I want to be when I get older: happy and healthy
my relationship with my parents: amazing... some of my best friends!
my idea of a perfect date: anywhere i can cuddle
a description of the girl/boy I like: funny, tall and handsome
what my last text message says: "i'm here :)"
where I would like to live: new york
my childhood career choice: marine biologist
my favorite ice cream: bubblegum
who I wish I could be: ashley olsen
where I want to be right now: spending a summer in london with my loves
the last thing I ate: strawberries
a random fact about anything: i can lick my own elbow...


stitch and sew.

since i'm on uni holidays and have full access to a sewing machine, i'm going to take full advantage and make a few clothes.




kourtney kardashian.

i literally cannot get enough of kourtney (my pick out of the three) and her gorgeous sense of style. i just hope when/ if i'm a mummy i will be able to keep such a nice sense of style.

source: kourney kardashian blog

rainbow sunshine.

lauren conrad recently posted on thebeautydepartment.com a picture of rainbow coloured locks, with a voting pole on whether she should jump on board this trend, obviously it was a yes! look how fabulous it is, why the hell not! this is definately something i'm going to try once the sunshine gets a little hotter.

drowned ratt.

do you know how good it feels knowing that i'm not the only one who goes out in public with wet hair. people tell me how lazy i am, how bad it looks etc. but hey if the olsens can do it and still look chic as hell, then why can't i. end. of. story.

source: olsen anonymous