things to make me and you smile.



there is something about men in womans clothes that gets me excited. this is a perfect example.

andrej pejic for Zeit Magazine

weekend thoughts.

just a tab bit obsessed with this blogger at present and this post in particular. such a well written vent.


something to think about over the weekend...


so fucking envious of her hair.

source: billy bride

little miss muffet.

can't wait for winter dates!!

and i can pull out my coloured fur!


check this guy! sass and bide tights .... such a g!


sunglasses from the chloe sevigny x opening ceremony collection.

super sweet!

source: billy bride



new album released friday. lives up to expectation...?

preps for cold.

i just love these colours (and looks) for winter and throw in splashes of neon... DIE.

olsen ring envy.

these two have the most amaze collection of rings....

source: olsen anonymous

lotsa socks.

i've already written a post about socks but as winter is fast approaching i'm falling more and more in love with this look. how cute!


Winter for me is going to be an attempt at colour blocking...success or failure. I'll let you know.

source: harper and harley


green means money.

about a year ago i saw the most amazing green wallet in oroton and after a friend mentioned how lucky it was to have a green wallet i could have kicked myself for not getting it. that was until i found this gem....

it's almost the same colour and the inside colours just compliment it even more.. it's a must have for me.

source: far fetch


i love this shot of the jil sander dress (that i so desperately want) with the miu miu bag (again... deperately want).

it's a combination of a some of my favourite things! pink and orange just work...

source: net-a-porter

friend of mine.

hello bianca!


spending a few hours swooning over net-a-porter these are the things i feel are necessary for me to have to live happily.

marc by marc jacobs
stella mcCartney
stella mcCartney


aurelie biderman

alexander mqueen

source: net-a-porter