favorite color: lilac
favorite fruit: blueberries
something that makes me happy: my beautiful dogs, moet and ike
shoe size: i think my feet keep changing size, but around an 8...?
do you smoke? quit
do you drink? yes
age you get mistaken for: 19
have tattoos? no
want any tattoos? yes & no.. i just want to make sure its something i will love forever
got any piercings? yes
want any piercings? maybe one more...
relationship status: taken
biggest turn on: kind smiles
biggest turn off: fake
someone you miss: my best friends, both in london
a fact about your personality: so indecisive
what I want to be when I get older: happy and healthy
my relationship with my parents: amazing... some of my best friends!
my idea of a perfect date: anywhere i can cuddle
a description of the girl/boy I like: funny, tall and handsome
what my last text message says: "i'm here :)"
where I would like to live: new york
my childhood career choice: marine biologist
my favorite ice cream: bubblegum
who I wish I could be: ashley olsen
where I want to be right now: spending a summer in london with my loves
the last thing I ate: strawberries
a random fact about anything: i can lick my own elbow...

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