long vs. short.

the formidable question always lurking in the back of a girls mind is should i or shouldn’t i. be it in any circumstance, should i date this boy, shouldn’t i have a cigarette, should i take this job, shouldn’t i stop eating chocolate.
these very words have been scrolling across my mind now for a few weeks and i still don’t know which side of the fence to sit... what is the age old question burning in my brain you ask? well, should i cut my hair or shouldn’t i...? I've had long hair for years now and it's always been my dying wish to have hair down to the floor but seeing the blonde crop on lara bingle (yes i said it) of late has made me question my life long aspiration!

so…. you tell me? Long and dark or short and blonde?

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  1. Your blog is amazing too! Just became a follower! xx And def lara bingles hair so manageable and amazing.. xx