flash lash.

i've recently discovered a love for all things beauty. this isn't to say i didn't before but i'm finding myself spending more and more time on websites such as the beauty department and primed and taking away all the little helpful tips and tricks and using them in my daily routine! one thing i do love on these sites are product reviews. finding the perfect mascara is like finding the perfect pair of jeans... it takes many years of hunting and testing.

now i'm not going to review all of the above, because franky, they were all rubbish (yes, even the dior) in comparison to the sweet little $10 maybelline number i picked up today.  i know when it comes to beauty, i'm a little bit of a snob and believe that anything cheap must be shit but this mascara blew me away, my lashes look so much longer. it is definitely one i'm going to stick with.

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