extra extra.

i painted my nails last night and you know when you actually take the time to do them and you cant stop looking at them... well thats me right now! but, after seeing this... i'm so tempted to take it off and spend my friday night perfecting the newspaper nails. want to know how it's done? seeeee below

1. tidy up your nails, push your cuticles back and file to the desired shape.

2. apply 2 coats of a neutral nail colour, or i prefer a light grey such as O.P.I alpine snow- matte, wait until completely dry.

3. next, dip your nails into some alcohol, this acts as a glue for the news print. vodka is more preferable.

4. now the fun part! lay some newspaper across your nail, completely covering it. gently pressed down and rub but be sure not to move the paper.

5. slowly peel the newspaper off each nail to reveal your print.

6. lastly, apply a clear top coat nail polish to keep it sealed.

enjoy :)

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